Perhaps the foremost challenge facing businesses today is deciding the best way to grow the enterprise. Business owners must develop a plan for growth and review it regularly so it can be changed or adapted to reflect the changing business environment.

At HHL Group, Inc., we work with you to create your strategic plan and monitor it consistently. We collaborate with you in making sound choices regarding how to allocate your resources toward growth. We provide assistance by:

  • Assisting with developing your strategic plan
  • Helping minimize risk and possible liabilities
  • Working with you toward streamlining operations
  • Collaborating with other advisors to put your plan in action and monitor the progress

Finance Your Business

All businesses require cash to meet their daily operational requirements. Regardless of whether you are considering buying a business or are having difficulties managing cash flow, you must be able to answer three important questions:

  • How much cash does my business really need?
  • What type of capital should I seek?
  • How will I secure the cash?

At HHL Group, Inc., we can help you ascertain the amount of capital needed and explore a variety of funding alternatives. We can also assist you with securing the right financing relationships. Some options include conventional loans, venture capital, self-funding and special programs specifically designed for small or new business ventures. Our services include:

  • Assessing your business’ value for financing
  • Establishing how much capital is needed
  • Preparation of financial statements for lenders
  • Assisting with planning for fixed asset purchases
  • Introducing and maintaining a variety of banking relationships

Strategies For Compensation Of Owners And Key Personnel

It is very important for businesses to create strategies to line up short-term targets with long-term goals and developing a compensation strategy to help you achieve your goals.

At HHL Group, Inc., we can help you develop plans for achieving your goals by:

  • Putting together strategies to retain key personnel while maintaining direction toward achieving the company’s goals
  • Developing incentive programs to help with retention of key personnel
  • Creating comprehensive plans for changing tax laws
  • Calculating profit sharing/bonuses to minimize taxes and maximize owner deferrals

Creation Of Wealth

Ask any business owner and he or she will tell you their main goal is creating wealth for their family. However, most owners are so involved with their daily operations that they do not take the time to consider creating viable and sustainable wealth.

At HHL Group, Inc., we can help you create wealth without sacrificing business operational efficiencies. Services we provide that may assist you with wealth creation include:

  • Preparation of personal financial statements
  • Options for retirement planning and charitable giving
  • Strategies for creating wealth
  • Valuation assessment and referrals for valuation reports
  • Referrals for investment services

Strategies to Protect Assets

Today’s electronic world presents a wide variety of threats to businesses globally. Hackers and thieves are consistently trying to subvert technological security systems and holding companies’ data for ransom. Lawsuits are frequently filed without basis. A key employee might develop a major health crisis.

While insurance may protect you to a degree, most businesses need a strategic plan for protecting everything they have worked for.

At HHL Group, Inc., we take a proactive approach to helping you ensure your assets are protected from events such as bankruptcy, divorce, lawsuits and over-taxation. We can help you:

  • Segregate your personal and business assets
  • Ensure all your assets are structured in the most secure way
  • Establish methods to provide you with maximum security
  • Business entity review and selection

Improving Profitability

It’s a fact: every business can improve its bottom line. Perhaps one factor can increase the profitability of a business. However, most businesses must improve a number of aspects of the operation in order to increase profitability. 

At HHL Group, Inc., we can help you increase profitability by initiating a number of small improvements. We analyze four key areas and make recommendations in these areas to increase profits. We achieve this by:

  • Increasing productivity
  • Correcting inefficiencies
  • Increasing opportunities for additional revenue streams
  • Reducing costs