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Here are your Articles for April 25, 2017.
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Spring Cleaning: When Can You Purge Your Old Financial Records?
Tax Day gives many people the urge to purge their file cabinets of extraneous financial records. But some people hold on to personal and business data indefinitely, because they don’t want to be caught off guard by an unexpected IRS inquiry. Here are basic records retention guidelines for individual and business taxpayers to help reduce the mounds of paperwork that are collected over the years.

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  Timely Opportunities
Establishing Residency for State Tax Purposes
Which state (or states) do you call home? Many individuals move to a new state with lower personal state income tax rates, hoping to reduce their tax bills. But some people run into problems when they fail to establish legal residency in the new state — or terminate it in the old state. Here, we discuss the importance of establishing “domicile” and several effective ways to prove it for state tax purposes, including a recent decision based on the location of the taxpayer’s beloved pet.

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  Personal Finance
How to Find a Lost Life Insurance Policy
When someone dies, it’s common for family members to need cash. People who are financially dependent on the deceased may be in need of a life insurance death benefit. They still have to pay daily expenses, not to mention the cost of the funeral, and possibly costs to settle the estate. What if you know or suspect a policy exists, but can’t find it in the deceased’s files? This article shows how to look for a lost policy.

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  Money Matters
Keeping Good Records Is Good Business
There are several good ways to keep records of transactions and to store documents. The important thing isn’t how you do it, as along as your system for keeping records is complete and at least somewhat organized. In the long run, taking the time to be organized will likely save you money and lots of time searching for vital documents. Here’s an overview of record-keeping systems you might find helpful.

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  Investment Strategies
How Financial Advisors are Compensated
Some investors pay their financial advisors without ever questioning how the amounts are determined. It’s important to know just what you’re paying for, so take a close look at your statements. Basically the fees you pay take one of two forms. This article describes them both.

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